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Wingdingz Zoom FAQ

Can I use the Wingdingz Zoom Client Designer Software to create my invitation and print it out using my desktop printer?
No. Your file is encrypted such that it cannot be printed by home printers or other printing process. However, you may use your home printer to print it out as low-resolution proof with watermarks.
Can I insert photos in any template that I chose?
Some templates will allow you to insert photos, some will not.
Can I start personalizing a template, save my progress, and finish it later?
Yes. Just as in other programs, click on “Save” (from the “File” menu) to save your progress before exiting the program. To return to your file, click on “Open an Existing Project” to resume editing. When you’re done, click on “Shopping Cart” to send your file to press.
For photos, do you require specific file formats or resolutions?
Yes, we require photos to be in Jpeg format with a resolution of at least 200 dpi (dots per inch) regardless of size. Photos lower than 200 dpi in resolution will come out blurred or pixelated; the software will notify you if your photo is below the recommended resolution. We generally don’t accept photos taken by cellphone. When using your digital camera, set it to 5 or more megapixels.
Do you update your software every now and then by adding new templates?
Yes. You may check for new templates by clicking on the “Check for Updates” button when you run the application.
We don’t have internet connection at home, can I still use your software?
You will need internet connection to at least fill up the order form, which is exclusively online. You may, however, do the editing offline: obtain a CD copy of the software at any of the bridal fairs we participate in by paying a booking fee of P1000 (deductible from the total cost of finished product), or by borrowing a CD copy of the software from a friend (the CD software may be installed in several computers). Upon filling up the order form online, select “Save Finished Projects” (instead of “Upload Finished Pages”), and save your file in a CD or flashdrive. Mail your CD or flashdrive, or personally bring it, to Wingdingz Office. Label your CD or flashdrive with your Order Number (which appeared when you finished the online form). Wait for email confirmation from Wingdingz.
When do I receive my invitations?
When you fill up the order form, you will be asked to choose whether you will pick up the invitations at the Wingdingz office, or you will have it shipped (with a corresponding P300 shipping fee). Upon payment, your invitations will be ready within seven working days.
What if after I receive my invitations, I’m dissatisfied by the photo quality, would you edit the photo and reprint them for free?
No. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the photo you inserted is of high quality. We will not edit your file whatsoever; your file will automatically go to our digital offset for production. As mentioned in FAQ #4, the software will inform you if your photo is below 200 dpi. Even so, please don’t convert a 72 dpi photo to 200 dpi just to fulfil the software requirement; doing this will not improve photo quality. Use a photo that has been shot at a minimum of 200 dpi or at least 5 megapixels.
What if after I receive my invitations and find that the color I chose is not the exact shade (lighter or darker) that I saw in my computer monitor, would you recalibrate the shade and reprint them for free?
No. Please note that different computer monitors have different display qualities and color calibrations, so please make allowances for minimal lightening as darkening of your chosen shade. If you’re extremely particular with color scheme (e.g., unconventional colors), you may want to upgrade to Wingdingz Premium to avail of a wider variety of colors and other design options.
Are my invitations going to be laminated, just as in Wingdingz Premium?
Yes. You may choose between matte or glossy. Lamination is free.
Can I choose from a variety of paper stocks and colors for my envelopes, just as in Wingdingz Premium?
No. Only the Basic White envelope is available for Wingdingz Zoom.
Is there a minimum number of copies required for Wingdingz Zoom?
Yes, minimum of 50 sets (inclusive of invitation, basic white envelope, and 2x2 sticker sealer). Should you order less than 50 sets, you will still be charged as though you ordered 50 sets.
I’m really on a budget. Can I just order invitations without envelopes or sticker sealer?
No. We just offer packaged invitations.
I’m really on a budget. Can I just order for a single-color invitation?
No. All our templates are in full color.
Can I insert a map of my wedding location, or a caricature, in a template that I choose?
Yes, it’s like inserting a photo. Refer to FAQ #4 and #8 for format and resolution requirements. You may also choose to upgrade to Wingdingz Premium if you want Wingdingz to create maps and caricatures for you.
Do you accept reprinting orders?
Yes, we accept a minimum order of 25 copies for reprinting. Just call the Wingdingz Office and mention your order number.