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Get Wingdingz Zoom
Download Wingdingz Zoom Complete Version
Click on the button to the right corresponding to your operating system. You will need to extract the files to install Wingdingz Zoom.

These are the latest and the complete public versions which contains the installer and fonts; the same to what you will get on CD.

Click here if you wish to avail of the CD instead.
Download Wingdingz Zoom for Windows Download Wingdingz Zoom for Windows
for Linux users, use Wine together with the Windows version of the installer. Compatibility is not guaranteed.
System Requirements
Is your computer compatible or fast enough to run Wingdingz Zoom? Check it out through this page.
How to Install
Need help to install Wingdingz Zoom in your computer? We’ll guide you step-by-step by clicking here.
How to Update
Need to update to a higher version? You can do so by enabling updates in Wingdingz Zoom or by installing the latest version.
Other ways to get Wingdingz Zoom
You may visit us at any of our scheduled bridal fairs to get your free copy of the CD installer. Alternatively, you can order a CD and have it delivered to your doorstep through this page.
Download Wingdingz Zoom Components Seperately
What’s the Difference?
You may opt to download the Wingdingz Zoom installer files seperately. Available here are the fonts package and lighter versions of the installers.
Lite Versions
These installers contain a minimum amount of templates to get you running. This is for users who have a specific template in mind already and do not want to download all the templates.

Click here for Windows lite version.
The Mac version is not yet available for online distribution.
Full Installer Only
These installers are for upgrades or if you have the fonts already installed. This is for users who wish to download files seperately or for sharing.

Click here for Windows full version.
The Mac version is not yet available for online distribution.
Fonts Package
This archive package contains all the fonts that are used in the Wingdingz Zoom designer software. You will need to install these into your system in order for Wingdingz Zoom to operate normally.

Click here for the zipped fonts archive.

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