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Order Process


Basic Order Process
1 To avail of discounts, look for our booth in select wedding fairs (see bridal fairs page).
2 Register on-site and pay the booking fee.
3 At any time after the booking, you may visit the Wingdingz Invitations office during office hours (9AM-5PM) on Mondays till Saturdays. Walk-ins who did not register at our wedding fair booth will not receive a discount.
4 Upon arrival at the Wingdingz Office, a Client Relations Manager will lead you to a receiving area where you can browse the catalog at a leisurely pace. Choose a design and a format package, and prepare materials. (e.g. entourage list, photos, etc.) if you brought any.
5 Discuss your design, format, personalization (or customization), and pricing preference with the Client Relations Manager assigned to you. Sign the Job Order Contract to finalize your order.
6 Pay the 50% downpayment.
7 Within seven working days after submission of your materials, you will receive your invitation draft through email. At any time till your chosen delivery date, revisions may be done until the draft is finalized and signed.
8 A printed proof will be produced for you to sign before starting full production. Printing shall not commence without your final approval.
9 Pay 50% balance.
10 At your go signal, the printed proof will be printed within a week, after which you may pick up the finished product/s or request for delivery.